To Infinity & Beyond

The Loveland Photographic Society has a monthly challenge topic for competition, February’s being Extreme Depth of Field. For most participants, the challenge will be taking multiple exposures at different focal points and blending them together in some program such as helicon focus. While fun, I’m always looking into the Photoshop bag of tricks to make something more unusual. Layers allows you that option.

Although some will protest saying the challenge is to use your camera, I know that the interpretation of the challenge topic is generally lenient enough to allow such shenanigans. Besides, isn’t being different fun, and isn’t the whole idea to challenge one’s creativity?

As you might realize I didn’t photograph infinity from a platform in space. What I did photograph was a loaf of freshly baked bread and turned it into a planet, or two or three. Textures are wonderful things when you are being creative in Photoshop.

Of course there are star fields, supernova, neutron stars, rings, and other elements that makeup the background, all of which require some ingenuity and knowledge of Photoshop, which I will share in future posts. The fun part is planting my little buddy in the foreground, who as you can see has ambition. I can’t be positive this praying mantis is dreaming of space exploration, but anything is possible, especially in the digital world where imagination has no limits.


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