St. Malo Chapel Sunrise

St. Malo Chapel is a popular landmark to photograph that is just south of Estes Park, and is near Long’s Peak and Rocky Mountain National Park, all big attractions for tourists. Even though I live within 50 miles, I rarely drive past, especially early in the morning.

This fall we had a field trip for the Loveland Photographic Society, www.lps.cc, that took me past the chapel just at sunrise. Although the chapel and reflection were spectacular, there was nothing exciting about the sky, thus once again back to compositing.

Small bodies of water with brush and other elements in the water can complicate the compositing process. The sky is always a big enough challenge when the horizon is lined with trees. I felt this picture was unique enough to go to the trouble. I’ve seen some nice shots of sunset here, but never at sunrise.

Once again after rotating and flipping the sky, I pulled the reflection into the image and positioned it to line up with the reflection of the chapel. Then began the process of removing the unwanted elements.

Although this may seem like a laborious process, I probably didn’t spend more than a couple hours on the image, so as images go, it was about average.

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