Locomotives in Exotic Places

There are places in the world where rail lines pass through exotic places. I’m always interested to see how often such locations as the Glenfinnan Viaduct  or the Arten Gill Viaduct show up in films. Since I’m not planning any trips to Scotland or England in the near future, I have to manufacture my own exotic rail lines.

The UP engine was shot at the Cheyenne rail yard during a fieldtrip with the Loveland Photographic Society. The landscape is west of Green River, Utah, just off of I-70. I’m sure it’s the sort of shot Union Pacific would love to publicize if their rail lines actually went there. The track was a section I shot near Pueblo, CO.


The triple-header is actually one model engine photographed at the Colorado Railroad Museum near Golden, Co. It’s hard to tell it’s not real. The trestle was photographed near Guernsey, Wyoming and then transported to Guernsey Reservoir via Photoshop. The reflection, smoke and other details all come from pixel manipulation.

stormy sky

I used the same trestle to cross a rock canyon above the Great Wall in Arches National Park. Here I decided one locomotive would do. The lightning is also an artificial creation. A tutorial on lightning is upcoming.

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  1. Our grandson would love these photos since he fantasizes about trains several hours per day. Were you always a train junkie?

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