Creating a Vision

I recently made a book trailer for my first novel, Silent Wave. I needed images representative of the storyline, which meant that most were at least partially from my imagination. When certain elements don’t exist, how do you go about creating them?

In my photography I typically shoot with the idea that I will composite backgrounds, mid-grounds, and foregrounds together, so I’m used to building images in Photoshop. Some are more of a challenge than others.

AMT (Advanced Metal Technologies, Inc.) is a fictional business where my protagonist and his son build their prototype wavecraft. The imaginary structure is south of Moab with the La Sals as a backdrop. The backdrop was simple. The structure was modeled from an abandon school building in Longmont, Co.

This will be a good project for a future tutorial, but for now I just wanted to show the finished product and the original photograph I used to create it. Fun stuff.


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