Fall Composites (Arches National Park)

One of the advantages of visiting my blog is seeing images I haven’t yet published. This of course doesn’t mean the image will be published, but with some demand it might.

Arches National Park has it’s own fall color, but not always where you want it, and certainly there are no Ash trees to be found. If you are lucky enough to be there in mid to late October, be prepared for a treat of color. You might want to walk out onto the petrified dunes to the side canyons that dump into the Courthouse Wash, for that’s where you’ll find most of the Cottonwoods.

Fall at Hueco Dome is one of those experiments where I had this beautiful tree with part of a house for a backdrop. While the tree was spectacular, the backdrop left something to be desired. On one of our excursions in Arches, we found an alcove north and east of the Courthouse Wash bridge, just behind the Great Wall at the very west end. Here we found a petrified dune with plenty of huecos, plus some interesting foliage in the foreground.

Adding a tree and making it look like it belonged there is no simple task, although CS 5 simplifies the extraction process. Adding foreground elements back in front of the tree makes it look like it belongs there. Because CS doesn’t do such a good job of extraction, I typically paint leaves back in to fix the edges. As I add tutorials I’ll go into more detail. For now, enjoy.

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