Corona Arch Flythrough

In October 2010 we led a group to Moab. One of our workshops started at Gold Bar campground where we took sunrise reflections of the cliffs from the bank of the Colorado River. While we were there a group with motorized paragliders took off from the parking lot and flew up and down the canyon. It was a real added bonus for our photographers.

From there we hiked to Corona Arch, and if you’re into Moab lore you might have heard of a pilot who flew through the arch, which I’m sure is illegal, since most everything that’s a little nutty is. I doubt that our paragliders gave any thought to such activity, but when I got home I though it might be fun to create the moment.

I use CS, which isn’t the best at extraction, so the paracord lines took some reconstruction. CS 5 will do such an extraction with little to no touchup, but sometimes you do the best you can with the tools at hand.

Since reflections were the challenge of the day I added a puddle and placed it in a strategic location. Even if the puddle had been there and paragliders were brave enough to fly though the arch, such a shot would still be a one in a million. That’s part of the fun of Photoshop.

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