Challenge: Disney Pictures Logo (part 2)

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Since this is a twilight shot and a representation of the Disney Logo, I added stars, which isn’t totally realistic, but this is art and adds a nice effect. I borrowed my star field from my space art. I will have details on how I make a star field in a future post, I promise.

6 Disney Castle

Next I added my horizon. Once again I went to my library, and in sunset shots I found a nice silhouette of the mountains. Because I wanted them to appear to slope toward the center, I duplicated the layer and made a right and left side, then distorted each by making the mountains higher on the outside edge of each half.

7 Disney Castle

In the foreground, the water needed banks. This was created in a new layer by first defining the areas I wanted to fill. I used the polygonal lasso tool to select the areas, then went to fill and added color. Next, I went into my library and found a desert foreground without vegetation, and once again painted over the surface with the rubber stamp at about 30% opacity. I also added some noise and then used the burn tool to darken the shore line and other parts of the foreground.

8 Disney Castle

Next was one of the more challenging aspects of this creation, adding the castle walls. I selected the turret that’s in the foreground left of the castle, then drug that into a new layer. With a little bit of clean up I made it look like an individual tower. I then darkened it since there is no light on the outside of the castle grounds, then I duplicated it till I had 4.

I needed the stone walls next, but had no place to borrow them from the castle. I made a new layer, used the rectangular marquee to select the area, then selected the color from one of the turrets I had just created and filled the selection. Next I went to filter and applied bricks, adjusting the size to approximate the size on the turrets.

I borrowed a portion of a turret and made the archers posts in the center of each wall. I spent a lot of time dodging and burning for highlights.

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